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Centuries ago history was rewritten when spices and herbs from ‘God’s own backyard’aroused the senses of seafarers from distant lands. The goodness of these spices and herbs from ‘God’s own backyard’ – Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, & Tamil Nadu, in the southern region of India, forms the basis for the deliciously spicy and hot cuisines. These cuisines are as seductive as the southern sirens & it also aroused the senses of Dr. Suhas Awchat &Master Chef & Culinary Book Author Deepa Awchat while they were on a family holiday to the south.
Deepa being a foodie & a master chef. The Restobar more

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The Goa Portuguesa Cookbook Coffee Table Book

Your our search for the definitive book on vegetarian and non-vegetarian Goan tz, cuisine ends with The Goa Portuguesa Cookbook by Deepa Awchat. Simple recipes in easy-to- follow steps are its hallmark—making it the ideal purchase or gift for the novice or expert. The recipes are tried and tested and authentic. They are, after all, the same recipes used in 'Goa Portuguesa'—the renowned restobar that completes 20 years of' its gastronomic journey in December 2008, winning a stream of' global accolades, awards and excellent reviews enroute.
There is, expectedly, an abundance of' seafood recipes for which the restaurant is justifiably famous. You will be delighted to find all of Goa's sought-after dishes in this book—Stuffed Crabs, Goenche Wagh (Stuffed Tiger Prawns), Stuffed Lobsters, Fried Bombay Ducks and of course Fish-Curry- Rice, which alone is believed to be responsible for the `sossegado' attitude of many Goans!
Vindalho, Cafreal, Sorpotel, Caldinho, Assado, Baffado, Guisado and Behinca among other delights, represent the Portuguese contribution to the rich culinary heritage of' the Land of the Gods. However, the traditional cuisine of Goa has been equally celebrated with the inclusion of a number of vegetarian dishes such as Khatkhatem, Sasav, Tondak and Homan, and the signature dish of the restaurant — Tender Coconut Cashew Nut Sukke. And of course there is that quintessential Goan dish—Chicken Shagoti to be mopped up with Pole or Wadde.
Years of research and dedication to Goan and Portuguese cuisine are reflected in this book which will be evident from the first recipe you try Welcome to a truly Goan experience — Enjoy!

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Deepa Awchat is the chef- owner of Mumbai's iconic restaurant, Goa Portuguesa. Her culinary expertise and knowledge of Goan food, demonstrated at the restaurant, on numerous TV shows and at Indian and international food festivals, has won her many accolades and awards. Deepa and her husband Dr. Suhas Awchat manage two other very successful restaurants: Culture Curry and Diva Maharashtracha.
The Authentic Goa Cookbook is an epicure's delight, holding between its covers the best of Goan cooking both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Iconic Vindalho, Shagoti, Cafreal and Fish-Curry-Rice nestle alongside lesser-known, but equally delicious vegetarian wonders, such as Khatkhatem, Sasav, Torachi Uditmethi, Alsandyache Tondak and the delectable Tender Coconut and Cashew Nut Sukke.
Experience the unique flavours of Goa and transport yourself to the land of swaying palms, sunny beaches and blue, blue water! MRP Rs. 345/-

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