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The Dakshin Culture Curry Restobar, Mahim

by Dr. Suhas & Deepa Awchat

Centuries ago history was rewritten when spices and herbs from ‘God’s own backyard’ aroused the senses of seafarers from distant lands. The goodness of these spices and herbs from ‘God’s own backyard’ – Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, & Tamil Nadu in the southern region of India, forms the basis for the deliciously spicy and hot cuisines. These cuisines are as seductive as the southern sirens & it also aroused the senses of Dr. Suhas Awchat & Master Chef & Culinary Book Author Deepa Awchat while they were on a family holiday to the south. Deepa being a foodie & a master chef had experienced the variety of the unexplored south Indian food and on returning to Mumbai realized that the so called South Indian restaurants were only limited to Idli Dosa & Sambhar, so she along with her multifaceted husband Dr. Suhas decided to explode the myth & educate the people about the unexploded cuisine from the southern Indian peninsula. After conducting an intensive research by staying in each state, interacting with locals & housewives, they came back to Mumbai, conducted & organized various food festivals, interacted with the local south Indians & planned the Dakshin Culture Curry menu of Hip Hit Hot delicacies from the south into a single & interesting menu, by literally bringing the southern Indian peninsula of India to Mumbai. The exotic Dakshin Culture Curry menu is standardized & modified to suit the Mumbaikars palette. The changes are made by toning down the spice & oil levels, remaining in the same taste zones & by maintaining the Authenticity of the dish by Grand Master chef Deepa Awchat. Even before taste buds are tickled, the décor at Dakshin Culture Curry with its Kathakali Masks, Wooden Ceiling, Chatais (mattresses), Stambhs (pillars) with Deeyas (lamps), Antique Wooden Carvings & Tanjore Paintings, truly flavours the visitor’s imagination with the south. Culture Curry’s service staff, attired in traditional Veshti welcomes each and every guest with warmth and joy. The enchanting popular south Indian music has its own charm. The kitchen is within view for the diner’s delight. The keyword to the hospitality and service of Dakshin Culture Curry is ‘Guest is God’ and is an unmatched destination for a complete veg. and non-veg south Indian meal.

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